What makes Happy Campers different from other products?

Happy Campers on the road

Most holding tank treatments combine deodorants and germ killers to mask or eliminate offensive odors. These treatments come in four basic formulations:

Chemical Treatments

The most common. Kills bacteria immediately and attempts to control odors by masking smells with deodorant. Although relatively inexpensive when compared to other treatments, chemicals must be added regularly. They are not designed to dissolve waste and are the least environmentally friendly.

Enzyme Treatments

These treatments accelerate the decomposition of organic materials in waste and neutralize odors. Their toxicity is low and they are able to break down paper and sewage. The problem is they must be added regularly, they are less effective in extreme temperatures, and they require your tank to be completely free from residuals of other treatment products.

Nitrate Treatments

Nitrates act as a source of oxygen for bacteria, allowing them to break down organic waste without producing sulfate gas odors. They are environmentally friendly and speed down the breakup process, but they require a tank free of residuals from other products, and they are very expensive compared to all other treatments.

Bioactive Treatments

These contain live aerobic bacteria which break down waste, reproduce and crowd out odor-producing bacteria. They are environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and they break down paper and sewage. However, the microbes require a well-ventilated holding tank that is free of residuals, and although they can be cost effective over time, they are initially much more expensive than most other products.

Happy Campers is None of the Above

Happy Campers is highly concentrated water-activated mineral blend. It works similarly to bioactive treatments. It is formulated to eliminate odor (not cover it up), break down paper and sewage, and because it withstands extreme hot and cold temperatures, you don't have to add more before dumping. Plus it is the most cost-effective product on the market.

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