How cardio clear 7 to Lose Pregnancy Belly Fat – Part 2

It is no cardio clear 7 grand mystery to those who are Experts if you need to lose weight they prescribe a proper post pregnancy diet strategy.

Lots of women world wide have that super annoying post pregnancy belly and have mentioned this to me during my many hours of Working Women therapy.

If you have wondered why celebrities from ($9, definitely not the least expensive) succeeds faster than you I can suppose one of the reasons is due to the fact that they have expert trainers which usually are not that expensive. And I do not know about that, but what I spent for my training last year was just about all I spent in food, let alone workouts. I always recommend the Everything in Life Diet in post pregnancy time to my clients, but sometimes they are not available to those women with a family. Well we all do not have one!

At the moment I believe that the best way to lose post baby belly fat, is to eat more fiber and take some natural supplements, that way you can improve your fiber as well as take some supplements.

Remember you are breastfeeding, and if you are you should be eating several small more fiber, healthy food and also drink beet juice, or other natural real fruit juice and this will do the trick.

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OK, so why is fruit juice (except Part 2) not recommended and why is it not recommended to drink before a meal. Well Part 2 is more physical in that case it is mainly for the purpose of re-hydration, but basically, all of the fruit juice you can drink, except pure fruit juice, is not recommended for a breakfast before your 1 hour of exercise. to lose fat faster you need to exercise after your fruit juice but for the moment you can drink that orange juice or apples juice (with no sugar, or any other sweeteners), once you had your breakfast you may feel you are not hungry.

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Do not start you day with coffee or tea (with milk of course) before your workout, if you are serious about losing the baby pounds, because you need those carbohydrates for energy, and also studies show that you loose more total fat and calories, when you are sleeping, and I am sure that if you do not eat that morning meal, you will not eat too much for your lunch (or dinner) and this will actually help you with your goal to lose the baby belly fat, because you burn calories faster when your body burns more carbohydrates. Now having this keep in mind, you don’t want to skip meals, and I don’t care about your goals, you are the lady and you need to eat 3 meals per day, but you want to make sure that they are not all chocolate, or ice cream, or pasta. (again the amounts do not vary that much)

For Part 2 I will describe how you can increase the fibre in your post baby belly and butt.

However after you had your post pregnancy workout, you really want to every time eat a small fruit, you want to make sure that you get at least the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day to maintain your metabolism and health.

But do not pass the fruit juice (with water, or without, or even lemon juice, or any other natural fruit juice) to your flushing bowls (that is after your workout) because that is the fat generator and it will put the cardio clear 7 website toxins back in your body through the liver, and they will make your body feel sluggish and that is the way for your body to store the fat and your body will slow down your metabolism and this of course will make losing calories and weight very hard (or) impossible.

But you really want to do it, and I am sure you have heard that you should eat plenty of lean protein, and this is one of the best ways to lose the baby belly, and this will let you burn calories a lot faster. I will not recommend focusing on the belly all the time, but to keep your body balanced, and keep your metabolism on fire, you should focus on nutrition and proper post pregnancy workouts.